5PA was formed in January 2016.

We are a young practice with many years of experience within architecture. Our youth in the practice allows us to learn and develop with modern methods of construction, pushing the boundaries and utilising the technological advances within our vibrant industry.


We are recognised within the residential sector as high-rise residential facade designers and solution providers.


We work closely with our clients, which enables us to tailor our services for their needs; listening, learning, understanding and offering expert advice.

The need for flexibility, efficiency and performance is always paramount in our design and management process and we have never forgotten that our success depends on our ability, not only to meet, but also to exceed our client’s expectations. 

We take time to understand our client’s business and goals, and then we deliver in the most effective way using our wealth of specialist experience and knowledge.

5PA Architects Ltd - 3 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RQ - 020 3371 1622